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architecture INNATE is co-founded by Anjum Munavalli & Soham Raje in July 2020. The duo graduated in Bachelor of Architecture from Rizvi College of Architecture,  University of Mumbai. Soham also is a visiting faculty at Balwant Sheth School of Architecture, NMIMS Mumbai.

Why 'architecture INNATE' ?

The pre-existing ideas present in the mind has knowledge and beliefs.  Innatism states that not all knowledge is gained from experience and the senses. The experiences and learnings are the key to unlocking this knowledge, but not the only source of the knowledge itself.  Similarly in architecture, research, analysis and interpretation of the project and its study material / context is the most significant juncture, leading to a path which moulds the journey & creates ingenious architecture making the built environment humane and sustainable.

We’re interested in an intimate relationship with our studio, our team, drawings, visualisations, buildings and our clients. We do this because we love it. We specialise in architectural design & execution, agro-tourism & farm house development. 

Our Services :

Architectural Design & Execution for all kinds of buildings & bungalows.

Interior Design & Execution

Agro-Tourism & Farm house development

Layout & 3D visualisations

Project Estimation

Contour & Vegetation Survey

Land Plotting

Published Work :

The Bridge | Dam :  Archdaily - Worlds most visited architectural website;


We combine architectural design with construction, building on international experience and knowledge. Our Mission is simple – Building Design Driven Architecture that positively impacts the site, our clients and the users. Our multidisciplinary team of Architects, Designers, Engineers, external consultants and administrators work alongside our clients, with each other, taking a hands-on approach to the contracted work. We take pride in our work, relationships and commitment to meeting our clients' goals and dreams. 


Anjum Munavalli


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Soham Raje



Samir Raje


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